We Will All Grow Old

Photo by Cristian Newman on Unsplash

We will all grow old
Young lads will someday become men
Nubile damsels will some day become women.
And as they grow, they’ll either cherish their younger years or ...
Each will reflect on choices and decisions made
"Did I tow the right path??"
"Did I do the things I loved and cherished?"
"Did I marry the lady of my dreams?"
So many questions will be asked.
Some will wonder why it is their lot to be victims of paternal fraud
Some will wonder why they are so blessed
Some who aren’t fathers in the real sense of it will wonder why
The barrens will brood and wish to, even for a day, cloth one in their womb.
In the end, there won’t be indecisiveness
As each will either reflect and smile having lived a fufilled life or
live in regret for a life not well spent.
Each know not how his end will be.
They had their younger years to control the outome, at best.
It’s all gone. It’s time to face the fact.
The lads of yesterday are now men
The nubile damsels of old are now women.
They’ve grown old.
Old and wise
Old and stupid
They’ve all grown old
We will all grow old



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