The Merge is Over: What next for Ethereum?

Photo by Kanchanara on Unsplash

Will The Ethereum Price Increase?

Deflationary pressure will be on Ethereum as block rewards will reduce over time. Two mechanisms will cause this:

Will The Merge Speed Up Ethereum Transactions?

The answer is NO. The speed of processing transactions remains the same. What changed is that the creation of blocks is now faster on the Ethereum blockchain. On the current Proof of Stake model, blocks on the Ethereum blockchain are created 10% faster than on the Proof of Work model.

Will There Be Reduction In gas prices?

The Merge did not cause a reduction in the cost of gas fees on the Ethereum blockchain. “The Merge is a change of consensus mechanism, not an expansion of network capacity, and will not result in lower gas fees.” — Ethereum Foundation.

Surge: The Next Development On the Ethereum Blockchain

The merge is the first of five upgrades to be implemented on the Ethereum blockchain. In their particular order: The Merge, Surge, Verge, Purge and Splurge. Having completed the Merge and transitioned to the PoS system, the next in line is the Surge.



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