Moderate Evil is Necessary for your Survival

Adenugba Blessing
3 min readAug 22, 2021

They think they can be wholly good

Most people live their everyday life with the notion that they have to be wholly good. Even when they are trampeled upon, treated like shit, they are meek and calm; driven by that singular belief: to be good always without any shade of vice/evil. Can any man live without a vice? What is good if there is no evil? These sets of people are taken advantage of and until they emancipate themselves, they will forever be taken advantage of.

Don’t be surprised: They are humans
Treat humans like they should be treated. Nice guy/man/woman won’t get you anywhere. You should use brute force where necessary and treat with kindness when the opportunity affords.

They are humans before anything; moved by greed and fear. Avarice had existed and will exist forever. Leverage on their greed and pay your way out when you can. If you don’t you will be outwitted.

They are humans before anything; ruled by emotions and less by reason. Even intellectuals get emotional atimes and lose themselves. Men can only master their emotions; they can’t get rid of them. Play to their emotions. They are humans, crafty and shrewd. You should too, subliminally. Just don’t get caught.

"Wholesome spirikoko" won’t get you anywhere. It’s a dog eat dog world. Quite a number of religious people will not agree with me on this, but I have this to say: God created both good and evil and he recognizes that humans will err at some point, choosing to do evil over good. He gave them a way out: the opportunity to seek his face for forgiveness. Leverage on this.

Good men are evil men; Evil men are good men.
A supposed good man has the potential of displaying the highest level of evil. You shouldn't expect much from humans. He pretends to be good, no one suspects him; he strikes in silence. He sins with impunity whilst judging others and holding them to a certain level of perfection he himself will never attain. This is not to write-off that there are good men.

Good, if seen from a religious angle has it's meaning. Good, if seen from a secular point of view has another meaning. What is good? What is evil? The meaning to these are best described by you. An attempt to define both will place limitation on the core of this text. I will advice anyways: Be good. You will err at some point. Retrace your steps. You will deliberately unleash 'evil' at some point. Flourish! When you later learn about your stupidity, unlearn evil and be good.

Evil will forever thrive. Good will forever thrive. Both must be present for either of the two to be relevant. Do more good. Less evil. And know this, no matter how much you wish evil away, there it is at your doorstep. Hahaha🚶🏼‍♂️🚶🏼‍♂️

A supposed evil man has the *potential* of displaying the greatest good. Until the end is known, don't doubt this fact.

Satan is human; humans are Satan
When people talk about satan, I think of people. Satan is this unseen force being blamed for woes that betide a "wholesome spirikoko". It is used to rationalize the craftiness and shrewdness of humans. The satan you are praying against is there beside you all this while. Smiling. Praying with you. Dining with you. You just do not know. If truly satan exist as an unseen force, maybe what he does is to elevate the evil deep in the hearts of man whilst relegating the good to the background.

And it goes without saying that Satan is not Esu. Esu is a Yoruba deity. The biblical Satan is not Esu. Some of those who elevate the Yoruba culture and it’s ideals are at the forefront of sensitizing people about this already. I found this article helpful on the subject matter: xxxx

The Thin Line Between Good and Evil
There is a thin line between good and evil. You will cross it at a point in your life. You probably have. While some upon crossing, will be lost in the labyrinth of evil; some will have a taste of it whilst clutching tightly to good. Some will be in between: confused. You will give it, you will take it. You will take it, you will give it. The measure of what you give depends on how *deep* you are...