Adenugba Blessing
2 min readAug 22, 2021

I never hear my dad say, "I love you".
I never hear my mom say too.
I never got one from my brother.
My sister, never too.
The first I got was from a stranger.

The first felt strange.
"I love you too"?
Is that the normal response?
I said, "thank you"
Is that a perfect response?
My heart fluttered.

They do not say but theirs is in a manner of showing.
Love expressed in action and cryptic statements.
Love expressed through correction and scolding
Love expressed through credit alerts.
Love expressed through instruction and direction.

The first gave me an erection
It earned me a blowjob
Maybe because it was from a stranger.
A stranger that cares little about me.
A stranger that only loves my sexual being.

I expected love more than words; all I got was an erection.
It's all emotions and erection; zero love.
I want the good things of life too.
Erections are normal; a blowjob is heavenly
All these without love is to me, useless.

Those who talkless and love more do better
Is it that they find it hard to utter the word?
"I love you dad"
"I love you mom"
"I love you son"
"I love you all"

If their action shows their love for me,

They need not tell me
I cherish the silence.
Hey Stranger!

Don't tell me you love me, show me.