Adenugba Blessing
2 min readJul 31, 2021


The puppy is in a cage.

I have never been a fan of dogs,

however, I love puppies.

They are young innocent dogs.

Lovely and admirable.

Depending on the breed, they could, however be dangerous.

Dangerous not in the sense of the typical mature dogs.

Aggressive, not in the sense of the typical mature dogs

These puppies stealthily attacks.

There is one particular puppy that once lived in UAR.
A lavish puppy who made his living off stealthily siphoning the hard-earned money of people.

The puppy got out of UAR and travelled to UAE to live a lavish life and he employed a deputy dog to handle affairs in UAR.

A lavish puppy

A different breed.

I admire this puppy.

But now, the puppy is in a cage.

He might stay for a very long time.

You can learn loads of lessons from mafias and fraudsters especially from this puppy in a cage.

This caged puppy organised a crime worth a whooping sum of $1.1million.

He has contacts that helped in different ways to move his fraud money; including the "deputy dog" that aggressively captures, cages and punishes the rats disobedient to the puppy.

This puppy is of a different breed. He is a master planner, organizer and executionist.

A lot of people do not have the grit of this puppy.

I am not saying you should indulge in the criminal activities of this puppy.

What I am saying is that: you should be able to plan, organize and execute well.

You complain about how shitty your life is, but your planning is zero, your organization is zero and you lack the discipline to execute.

You procrastinate on things that would have changed your life for good.

Deep down you want to succeed, but you lack the grit.

When eventually you decide to act at all, you don’t plan.

You get your drive from only motivation.

If this is you, you don’t have the balls and the criteria to succeed legitimately and illegitimately.

It’s a sad truth. You know it.

Well, you don’t have to copy the fraudulent behaviour of the puppy to succeed.

Like Hush the puppy, you need to connect and work with people so you can get alot done at record time.

Fuck self-made.

It doesn’t exist.

You need people to succeed.

Eventually, some people in your connect will become rats.

When they become rats, have your ruthless deputy dog on standby to deal with them.

Success is not handed down. It is earned.

You either take it by hook or by crook.


The caged puppy knows this; you now do.

I am not selling you anything in this mail. All I want from you is to be a puppy.

An Uncaged Puppy.

A master planner and a great executionist

So, go and be an 'Uncaged Puppy’.

Yours in success,

Adenugba "Uncaged Puppy" Blessing